Sweet Jam

I am sorry I have been gone for awhile, we have been very busy moving!

Since we’re moving, I am going to miss the four peach trees we have so I thought we could make some jam.

It’s delicious!  I hope you like it too!

Mommy’s notes: We are not food experts and prepared this jam based on learned family methods.  Remember, food safety is your responsibility.  Please review the guidelines for jam readiness here:

I took some pictures of my little sister picking the peaches!

Mara at our old house

Here are the peach trees and apple trees that I will miss! Maybe we will plant some at our new house.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Jam

  1. Great job Corinne! Maybe you can transplant your trees to your new home? Ask your Mom about the possibility. We miss you guys. We will plan to visit again soon.
    Love, the Delozier’s
    PS: visit SC when you can😀

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  2. Corinne, I wish I could eat some of that jam! Great job and I’m super glad you like the cat measuring cups and I saw you used the Chicago hotpad! High five! You’re turning into a fabulous chef and I love your apron!

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